Wateen NOON

Installing NOON

After visiting the NOON downloads website to download NOON for free, follow the instruction below to install NOON on your mobile phone.

Installation Instructions:

  • Extract the WateenNOON.zip downloaded file into NOON folder. The folder contains WateenNOON.jar file.
  • Copy WateenNOON.jar file into the installation directory of your mobile.
  • Then install NOON at your mobile.
  • Some devices may need the file WateenNOON.jad, the file can be found in the same folder.
For more information on how to install applications on your mobile please contact your mobile phone manufacturer company.

User Manual

For more information about how to use NOON download the user manual. The user manual is Available in two languages you can download it using the folowing links: Please feel free to contact us about any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the manuals or application.

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